An intensive bartender course, taught directly by a CBA lector, also includes self-study from materials provided to students. The course follows-up on the knowledge acquired in the Barbec CBA Course, more professional terminology is introduced, knowledge of the entire inventory and equipment used behind the bar is gained. Participants will become well acquainted with the production methods for spirits, liqueurs and non-alcoholic drinks, their categorisation, characteristics and they will gain an overview of which method to use for creating mixed drinks. In the practical part of the course they will also mix the worldwide most favourite drinks based on IBA recipes.
This course focuses on the basic techniques for preparing molecular mixology, included is a demonstration of methods used and the service. It specializes in recipes, which are suitable to be used directly in a bar. Participants are acquainted with the individual ingredients, taught how to work with them and which tools to use. Further on they are informed where to buy the individual ingredients, how to store them and of course work safety is included too. Part of the course are illustrative demonstrations of the service and a tasting.
This intensive one-day course for bartenders is intended primarily for professional bartenders. It focuses on mixology with respect to the most recent trends, tools and technologies. All information is passed on directly during the presentation of individual recipes and methods. Part of the course are illustrative demonstrations of the service and a tasting. Participants who complete the course will receive a CBA Certificate.
Goal of this two-day educational course is to introduce the participants to a description of the bar and the individual basic working methods, outline the history of Czech mixology and explain the hierarchy of persons running a bar. Furthermore the course focuses on informing the participants about the bar inventory, the basic characteristics of alcoholic beverages and a very important chapter is of the course communication with guests and colleagues. After completing this course, participants will be able to work as comis de bar.


R. Jelínek