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Achim Šipl

2013 WORLD CHAMPION of the 16th Grand Prix, 3rd IBA World Championship in Mixing Non-alcoholic Cocktails
2016 WORLD VICE CHAMPION of 6th IBA World Championship

Achim Šipl is a professional bartender, whose main focus lies in progressive and molecular mixology. He has been working as a bartender for over 20 years and has acquired several barman awards, for example he is the holder of the European Friendship Cup from Moscow in 2012.He also organises bartender courses and special catering services with elements of molecular mixology ‒ Catering-3000. He is also the author of numerous professional texts and books. Currently he is a member of the Czech Bartenders Team.

Barman with heart and soul

Achim Šipl – whose name incidentally originates from one of the few Sudeten German families, who were not displaced after the war, has been working behind the bar for over 20 years. At first he trained to be a cook, he then studied at a hotel and hospitability school, completing his education in various courses and workshops all over the world, he has owned and run several popular bars in Liberec, for example the ShakeClub 66 or Tutti-Fruti. He has studied The Czech University of Life Sciences. Achim is driven by passion to discover new combinations of flavours and unexpected structures and consistencies.

He works as a Global Ambassador of fruits spirits at Rudolf Jelinkek destillery and Brand Manager of Rum Saint James Brand in CZ. Achim is leading bartenders courses and workshops, his focus is very close to Molecular and Progressive mixology. He is also part of Czech Bartenders Association and still compete. Achim's last success is Word Vice Champion of 6th IBA Championship non-alcoholic Cocktails
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